These powders are steam treated to soften the cell walls of the mushrooms making our powders highly bio-available for maximum absorption to ensure you get the most out them. We are big supporters of wholefood supplementation and believe this is the most effective way to gain the full range of beneficial compounds these incredible organisms has to offer on a daily basis, the way nature intended.

Chaga is the king of mushrooms for good reason. It’s long list of benefits is the reason it has earned that title. Chaga can easily be made into a tea. As little as a single teaspoon is enough to turn 1.5L of water into a deep, dark brown broth with a neutral taste. This makes Chaga great as an additiional boost in smoothies, coffees, cold beverages, soups, stews and broths. Making Chaga tea however (or any other mushroom tea), only gives us access to the water soluble constituents and not the ethanol and/or oil soluble constituents. Since Chaga is such a rare and limited resource, it feels wasteful not to consume it in a full-spectrum liquid extract or activated powder to experience it in all its glory.

To summarize the lengthy list of know benefits from Chaga is difficult, but here’s our best shot:

  • Offers potent antioxidants. Highest on ORAC scale of any know food*
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails* contains melanin
  • Enhances immune system function*
  • Adaptogen*
  • Improves energy and vitality*
  • Anti tumor properties*
  • Antiviral properties*
  • Fights cancer*


  • 100% Chaga mushroom powder – 50 grams