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Cordyceps Powder Extract


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These powders are steam treated to soften the cell walls of the mushrooms making our powders highly bio-available for maximum absorption to ensure you get the most out them.

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In stock

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We are big supporters of wholefood supplementation and believe this is the most effective way to gain the full range of beneficial compounds these incredible organisms has to offer on a daily basis, the way nature intended.

Cordyceps is one of our favorite daily energy tonics because it gives us the noticeable boost we desire for physical and mental performance while nourishing the body’s natural cycles instead of taxing our system like conventional stimulants do.

Cordyceps has a long history of use and with good reason. To summarize a very long list of benefits, Cordyceps are used by many for the following benefits …

  • Supports heightened physical and athletic performance*
  • Improves endurance*
  • Increased oxygen utilization*
  • Promotes healthy liver and kidney function*
  • Offers neuroprotective support*
  • Offers sustained energy*
  • Improved circulation*
  • Improved blood-sugar regulation*


  • 100% Cordyceps militaris mushroom powder – 50 grams



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