Cordyceps Tincture

Cordyceps Tincture


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Harmonic Mycology tinctures are made with two premium quality solvents in three phases – cold water, ethanol and warm water. To honour the true spirit of craftsmanship and herbalism they create their liquid extracts with meticulous attention to detail, never to rush the process. Their proprietary extraction protocol is a fusion between traditional and contemporary methods expertly executed to bring you the finest quality full-spectrum, bio-available and super potent mushroom elixir with a total alcohol content of +- 30%.

In stock (can be backordered)


When to take Cordyceps?
The short answer and personal preference is every day! Before exercise, training and any physical activity is a great time to consume Cordyceps. That being said, we can all benefit from sustained, adaptogenic energy in our work and everyday life. Imagine all we can do with seemingly limitless energy and faster recovery between sets, sessions and (life)cycles?

The following information is based on folk and clinical uses of these mushrooms, as well as insights gained from formal academic research. As such, the uses and effects described below should be taken as guidelines and not statements of medical fact.

  • Improves oxygen utilisation on a cellular level May alleviate sexual dysfunction
  • Boosts energy through increasing ATP production Supports healthy respiratory function
  • Helps with better looking skin and age spots Relief from chronic asthma and bronchitis
  • Helps prevent arrhythmia and heart disorders


A single 50 ml bottle of dual-extract should last approximately 50 days, with a daily dosage of 20 drops. For those who may have alcohol sensitivities, we recommend dropping your dosage into warm water to evaporate the alcohol before drinking.


Liquid dual-extract (30% alcohol). ± 25 000mg used per bottle, 500mg per 1ml serving

  • Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps militaris)* dual-extract
  • Spring water
  • Food-grade, certified organic ethanol (Karoo Agave spirit)


50 ml

About Cordyceps

Cordyceps is known as the most expensive fungus on the market today. That is, the wild harvested cousin of C. militaris, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, found in the Himalayan mountain foothills and fetches over $20 000 per kilogram.

Luckily for us, commercial strains of Cordyceps militaris has been bred and developed to be cultivated commercially on a variety of grains under certain conditions that doesn’t only allow for it to be available at a lower price, but also be produced with higher levels of Cordycepin and adenosine. These two compounds are part of what makes Cordyceps so interesting, especially for athletes and people looking to overcome low libido, low energy and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Scientific studies have shown Cordyceps to be very effective at improving endurance and energy levels by increasing ATP synthesis and oxygen utilization, helping athletes perform better at explosive strength and endurance based sports.

Cordyceps is also used as an aphrodisiac for both men and woman and has been shown to increase libido and fertility.

We use Cordyceps for long-lasting, sustained, adaptogenic energy that promotes a healthy immune response, endocrine function, and improved endurance. This mushroom is also used as a natural anti-inflammatory and liver tonic. We recommend taking this mushroom before exercise, surfing, hiking or any physical activity.

Other benefits include immuno-modulating effects, improves circulation, cardio vascular health and cognitive performance.


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