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The KØL Pro is a unique and very innovative cannabis pipe that unlike other pipes will deliver extremely full yet smooth hits, less coughing and almost no heat.

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Voted best pipe of 2020, the KØL features a micro-channel design that will remove heat and harshness from the smoke, resulting in a much smoother experience.

Designed to last for a lifetime, the KØL is extremely easy to keep clean: the magnetic assembly feature means you simply snap KØL open, allowing you to wipe it with a cloth or leave it in the sink to soak in hot water or alcohol.

Made from anodized aluminum, the KØL Pro measures 150mm in length. Its shape forces incoming air into a vortex to trap a far higher proportion of herbal impurities than any conventional pipe. We also stock the smaller version, namely KØL Mini which measures 113mm in length. Both models have a bowl’s capacity of 0.25g

And last but not least, the pipes are designed to be used with the KLIP grinder, another amazing design from Danish brand HØJ.

Each order includes:

1pc KØL Pro or KØL Mini
3pcs Screen

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Pipe Length

113mm, 150mm


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