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Reishi Tincture 50ml


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Harmonic Mycology tinctures are made with two premium quality solvents in three phases – cold water, ethanol and warm water.

Available on back-order

Available on back-order

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Take Reishi in the late afternoon and evenings to help with recovering after a long day at work and after strenuous exercise, so we can wake up feeling well rested and ready for action. Some people report energising effects from Reishi. This speaks to Reishi’s adaptogenic abilities and how this mushroom tailors its effects to the individuals needs. If you are new to Reishi try it in the morning, afternoon and evenings to see what it does for you.

The following information is based on folk and clinical uses of these mushrooms, as well as insights gained from formal academic research. As such, the uses and effects described below should be taken as guidelines and not statements of medical fact.

  • Relief from chronic respiratory conditions
  • Regulates healthy blood vessel formation
  • Reduces risk of cognitive disorders (neuroprotective)
  • Helps prevent and treat cancer
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Alleviates allergic reactions
  • Treatment of arthritis and gout
  • Detoxifies body and boosts energy
  • Alleviates anxiety, depression and insomnia

To honour the true spirit of craftsmanship and herbalism they create their liquid extracts with meticulous attention to detail, never to rush the process. Their proprietary extraction protocol is a fusion between traditional and contemporary methods expertly executed to bring you the finest quality full-spectrum, bio-available and super potent mushroom elixir with a total alcohol content of +- 30%.



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