These powders are steam treated to soften the cell walls of the mushrooms making our powders highly bio-available for maximum absorption to ensure you get the most out them. We are big supporters of wholefood supplementation and believe this is the most effective way to gain the full range of beneficial compounds these incredible organisms has to offer on a daily basis, the way nature intended.

Also known as Lingzhi (mushroom of immortality) and the Queen of mushrooms, Reishi is one of the most praised herbal supplements available today. With thousands of years of traditional use and scientific studies to back it, Reishi has earned its spot as one of the most beneficial mushrooms and herbs known to man.

Reishi is known for its ability to help combat stress, promote calmness, improve sleep, improve recovery from exercise and a busy work schedule while improving mental clarity, liver function and overall vitality.

Reishi may also help with mild allergies and act as an antihistamine while keeping our body’s defences sharp, without over stimulating the immune system.

Reishi has the longest reported use of all medicinal mushrooms and is praised to this day for it’s benefits:

  • Promotes feelings of calm alertness*
  • Reduce markers of chronic stress*
  • Improve sleep quality*
  • Enhances immune system function*
  • Adaptogen*
  • Improves organ health and vitality*
  • Liver tonic*
  • Improves cardiac function and circulation*
  • Antiviral properties*
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • 100% red Reishi mushroom powder – 50 grams