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Turkey Tail Tincture


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Harmonic Mycology tinctures are made with two premium quality solvents in three phases – cold water, ethanol and warm water.

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In stock

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When to take Turkey tail?

There is no right or wrong answer here, if you are not treating something and taking it as a daily dietary supplement then we would recommend taking it first thing in the morning with your cup of tea or coffee to benefit from the energy and blood-sugar regulating properties throughout the day. Otherwise it can be taken throughout the day whenever you feel it’s needed, or if you are like us and sometimes forget to take your morning Turkey tail dose, add it in with your Reishi in the evening to benefit from its restorative effects during a good night’s rest.

To honour the true spirit of craftsmanship and herbalism they create their liquid extracts with meticulous attention to detail, never to rush the process. Their proprietary extraction protocol is a fusion between traditional and contemporary methods expertly executed to bring you the finest quality full-spectrum, bio-available and super potent mushroom elixir with a total alcohol content of +- 30%.




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