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Awaken 3ml Cartridges


An Awaken® 3ml Blaster Cartridge™ filled with Berry Gelato Terpenes and Distillate.

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Origin and Taste: Berry Gelato is a unique Indica strain that traces its roots back to the Gelato lineage from the Bay Area, California. It’s believed to be a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, with a possibility of an additional berry-dominant strain influence. True to its name, Berry Gelato offers a delightful flavour palette characterized by sweet and fruity notes. Users are treated to a scrumptious and potent berry medley, complemented by a creamy undertone reminiscent of gelato.

Effects: As a pure Indica, Berry Gelato is renowned for its deeply relaxing properties. Upon consumption, users are embraced with a profound sense of euphoria, immediately followed by a calming effect that permeates throughout the body. This strain is perfect for those looking to wind down after a hectic day, with its tranquillity-inducing properties that might also aid in alleviating physical discomforts. Given its strong Indica nature, it’s best suited for evening use when maximum relaxation can be achieved without the interruption of daily tasks.

3ml | 510 Thread | Ceramic Coil | Quartz Glass

Compatible with the Awaken® Vape Pen.



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