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Awaken Duo Disposable Vapes


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This super thin, rechargeable disposable comes loaded with 2 Strains, 1ml on either side of the device. It has little windows to check each strains levels so that you always know how much you have left.

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And with its V7 Ceramic Coil technology and consistent heat, it not only provides users with a smoother vapor experience but extends the life of the distillate and terps by hundreds of puffs when compared to cartridges. More bang for your buck and to have 2 little helpers at your disposal always helps when different situations call for either or even both. The praised Grape Ape and mind-blowing energetic rush of Alaskan thunder-fuck was voted into existence by Awakens fans and clientele. Wow, how wonderful this combo worked out.

Rechargeable | Includes Charging Cable | USB – TYPE-C | Ceramic Coils
1ml 96.5% Cannabinoid Distillate and Alaskan Thunder Fuck Terpenes
1ml 96.5% Cannabinoid Distillate and Grape Ape Terpenes



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