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HOJ Klip Grinder


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The HØJ Klip Grinder is a very sleek cannabis grinder designed in Denmark that instead of crushing and mushing the herb like a conventional grinder, the Klip slices through the bud while protecting the integrity of the trichomes creating a more potent experience and a much fluffier consistency.

More about this product

Inside the HØJ Klip Pro and Klip Mini Grinders, the central pin that holds the sharp slicing blades is suspended in mid air using opposing rare earth magnets to create an almost friction less turn.

The Klip grinders also feature 3 Control Discs to customise your grind from coarse to fine and 3 Collection Mesh all of which snap magnetically into place.

Other features include effortless spin for those with limited dexterity, thread-free magnetic assembly, hassle-free cleaning, modular design, anodised aluminium body, voted best grinder 2020 and lifetime warranty.

Dimensions Klip
Height: 57 mm / 2.2”
Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”
Capacity: 1.6g of material

Dimensions Klip Mini
Height: 44 mm / 1.7”
Diameter: Ø55 mm / 2.1”
Capacity: 1g of material

Each order includes:

1pc KLIP (or KLIP Mini)
1pc The Funnel
3pcs Control Discs
3pcs Collection Rings
1pc Cork and bio packaging



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