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Kind – 2 Parts Herb Grinder


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Kind is the ultimate solution for safe and clean sterile grind for cannabis patients. It’s easy to use, made from high-quality materials, environmentally friendly, and committed to sustainability in the industry.

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In stock

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Designed with the community in mind, this grinder is equipped with variable teeth that contribute to the grinding process in many ways. Additionally, the soft padded grip makes it a convenient tool for effortless grinding, resulting in a clean and fluffy grind.

  • Dimensions: 7cm Diameter | 3cm height
  • Weight: 85g
  • Capacity: Up to 1 gram
  • Materials: Pom, Polycarbonate & TPE rubber
  • Warranty: 5 years on the main grinder parts / 1 year on the ring

A medical grade grinder comprised of Bio-compatible materials designed for Frictionless operation, ease of use and nearly completely maintenance-free. This product eliminates the risk of medicinal contamination as it delivers nothing but pure medicine to the user. Our technology provides smooth grinding with ease of handling by the comfort of our unique breakthrough designed handles coupled with soft materials. Happily adopted by seniors and decreased hand movement patients suffering from various Arthritis conditions.



Bio-Compatible materials – A common dictionary definition is “the quality of being compatible with living tissue or a living system by not being toxic or injurious and not causing immunological rejection”.

Bio-compatibility is the lack of negative interactions between materials and living tissue in organic systems. It’s achieved by using materials that are non-toxic, non-injurious, and not physiologically reactive. A material that is biocompatible does not cause an immune response in a host.


The MMJGRIND handles are designed with the comfort of patients in mind, particularly those with nerve-damaged or swollen joints, stiffened joints, or decreased movement. The handles are covered with silicone rubber, which is soft on the top and harder at the bottom, providing an optimal grip that matches the shape of everyone’s palm. This ensures a comfortable and secure grip during the grinding process. Additionally, the grinder is designed to be quiet when placed on a table, minimizing noise disruptions. The thoughtful design of MMJGRIND makes it a user-friendly option for patients with various mobility or dexterity challenges, enhancing their grinding experience.


The innovative design of our grinder includes a buffer ring that acts as a protective barrier between the two main parts. This prevents wear and minimizes the migration of particles from the main parts to the ground medicine, ensuring a clean and uncontaminated grind. Furthermore, this design allows for easy replacement of the buffer ring, enabling smooth maintenance on the go, without disrupting the grinding process. This ensures that the grinder stays smooth and efficient, providing a hassle-free grinding experience.


The MMJGRIND is designed with reduced blade/teeth length that allows for loading up to four nugs without crushing them. The strategic orientation of the blades/teeth ensures minimal trichome damage, thanks to a break-in method. The front teeth are shortened, while the ones on the sides and back are higher, enabling a gentle back-and-forth twisting motion by the user. This unique grinding action delivers a fluffy grind, preserving the integrity of the trichomes for an optimal experience. Furthermore, the grinder is built to last, with its longevity secured for at least five years, ensuring durability and reliability over time.This feature has a few benefits. For one, it preserves the structure of the trichomes, as this may still be controversial. Some believe that terpenes are utilised to their maximum potential, and another benefit is reduced friction, which increases the lifespan of the grinder.



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